How to effectively Utilize Photos and Images in SEO

Not only do images and photos liven things up and make an article or blog much more interesting and readable, they also play a role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you want your website to be found in the search engines, optimizing your images for the search engines is something to take in consideration. An SEO Agency could optimize your website, and thus your photos, for the search engines. Optimising photos is part of on-page SEO.

Not any Image will do

It’s important to choose the right image, otherwise, it will defeat the purpose of having an image in the first place. The chosen image should go with the article or blog. It is preferable to use any image other than a stock photo, but if that is the only option, then there are plenty of images available online from various image sources. Be picky and find the one that fits the article.

Optimize Photos for the search engines

Once the perfect image or photo has been selected, it is time to optimize it. The first step is to choose the correct file name. This will help Google to recognize the image. If the photo has a sun in it, for example, it is vital that the file name should have the word “sun” in it. It is also recommended to use your keyword in the description of your photo, this will help with your rankings. It’s important to add ALT Text to your images because, if for some reason, the picture doesn’t appear to the reader, they can still get the gist of what was in the picture. The ALT text should include descriptive information about the particular image.

In order to optimise your images correctly for the search engines, it is recommended to work with a local SEO Specialist. Meaning, if your company is located in Amsterdam, you should hire an SEO Expert in Amsterdam. An SEO Specialist Amsterdam, such as Maison Tulip, could optimize your images for the search engines. If you want to do it yourself, you can find more information here.

Loading Times

It’s important to keep images and photos properly formatted so that the site they are on is easier to visit and there will be more traffic to the site. It’s important to scale images correctly. WordPress can be a helpful tool to use in providing the correct image sizes.

Reducing File Sizes

It’s normally best to scale images and photos in SEO to the smallest possible size for the best optimization possible. There are many tools available such as ImageOptim that will make the process easier.

Make Placement Count and use Captions

A good rule of thumb is to insert a photo or image as close as possible to its related content. Not only does it just make sense, but it’ll help the article to flow better. Captions are also great to add to images or photos. It has been proven that captions are read 300% more on average than the actual content of the article, so be sure to utilize captions.

Line it up

It’s pleasing to the eye to keep images from breaking up the left reading line and makes it much easier to read an article with images or photos in them.

If these simple steps are followed, photos and images will enhance and magnify SEO rather than damage it. Adding photos and images in SEO will produce a better article.

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